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Mindset of Cheap Fees and Estate Agents

The vast majority of Estate Agents marketing strategies habitually focus around finding as many house sellers to list their property with them as possible ..and to do that ..

Most of you reading this will dedicate as much (sometimes more) time to creating enthusiasm for what you do as an agent than actually do what you do as an agent.

.. yet often, on our race for listing success .. things can suffer ..  like lower fees. Like Oscar Wilde said, “cynics know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

My intuition tells me there has to be a different way .. a better way.

A way that attracts the right sort of house seller .. the one that appreciates value and worth and is prepared to pay for it.

Most of the UK Estate Agency industry is really good at selling houses and getting maximum value for their vendors … but appalling at extracting maximum value (ie fee) for themselves

That isn’t their fault .. its just they don’t know any different

..and its not as if they don’t have the skills … its just they are scared and fearful

So how do we get over this?

I believe it’s important to tell a story that resounds and even resonates with the right vendor (and for the letting agents amongst you – the right landlord).

To prove value and worth, it has to be the from the point of the view of the punter (vendor).

Look at your agency marketing .. most agents marketing is all about them as agents, their services, what they have sold, what makes them so different, whether they High or Online ..  its like all they talk about is themselves.

Nobody can emphasise with someone that talks about themselves

.. start talking about the punter .. and what they are interested in 

PS .. a clue - it isn’t you or your agency or your team .. its them