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Three Biggest Issues in Agency in 2017 - Cheap Fees + Lack of Stock and Online Agents

1. Cheap Fees 2. Lack of Stock 3. Beating Online / Purple Bricks Call Centre Agents 4. One Simple technique that doesn't cost one penny to implement that will get you business straight away

The UK's No.1 Estate Agent trainer - Mr Stephen Brown talks through his thoughts on all these topics and solutions to the problem in this awesome interview ..

You will learn so much

90% of estate agents are wasting their money and time with their advertising / marketing spend.

The attention of potential homeowners and landlords is the only thing that matters in this cluttered noisy 21st Century world to be a successful agent .. if they don’t know who you are – they wont ask you for the free val … and no free val - means no listing
Therefore, before you can tell potential homeowners/landlords how wonderful your lettings or estate agency is .. before you can do any of that .. you have to have their ATTENTION
Without their attention – you cant do anything
Because, once you have their ATTENTION .. then you can tell the story of your firm.
That is why 90% of estate/letting agent’s marketing is about ‘brand awareness’
… yet those agents are throwing money in the bin because that type of marketing doesn’t work anyway as good as it did in 2007, 1997, 1987… 
… everyone is ignoring your advertising
Take your agent hat off and think like a human being for one second
1. Do you watch TV commercials? ... I didn’t think so. Nobody does .. everyone fasts forward them
2. Do you igno…

Friday Top Tip for Social media ..

Spotlight a local business Small businesses need local support and if you set yourself up as the person who knows the town and with specialisation in the local property market, you are uniquely positioned to do other things in the town. So tag their page. Take a selfie in the store or with their product. Even do small videos like this.. Sue is an estate agent in the US .. she is friends with my US mate Jeff Blizzard and I thought what an awesome way to get your name out .. because the restaurant will share it like hell as well ... and if you think about it .. all the videos will always lead back to you and your blog/Youtube channel - where you agent stuff is.

8 min FREE TRAINING VIDEO - How agents should use Video

In this 8 min training video, Christopher talks about the way traditional marketing doesn't work so well nowadays in estate and lettings and how video could be the savior!

Click below to watch the video

11 min video - My story of become the Sunday Times Northern Letting Agent for 4 years in a row

John Paul, MD of Castledene, tells us his story of how he set up an agency by accident 8 years ago... and now after 8 years, he has an impressive multi-office operation in the North East. Its easy to see why he's been voted the best Letting Agent in the Sunday Times Award for 2013,14,15 and 2016 and the very best in the UK in 2014 11 mins long and jam packed full of great advice for letting agents

Purplebricks and the way the High Street Agency is reacting .

I am rather worried about the trend of some agents in reacting to the PB threat. By talking about PB model, with their logos or the colour purple, hundreds and hundreds of times a day, I'm sure no vendor or landlord is going to remember them when it comes to booking a free val. Spending your time CONSTANTLY advertising someone else's business instead of your own makes total sense, doesn't it? Do you really believe landlords and vendors will understand what you are talking about when you mention upfront fees and alert them to the big boys in town? I bet most of them haven't heard of PB; but at least your having that discussion 24-7 on social media with the funny posts and videos etc is going to make sure they know which agents you have about your insecurities about. IN THE PAST, if you had a competitor who only had 3% to 4% of your market after a couple of years in your town with their cheap fees .. would you completely change your model or marketing? Purplebri…

Letting Agents - 3 Tactics to Beat The Tenant Fee Ban by Sunday Times UK's No 1 Letting Agent

As a Letting Agent, you are accurate, precise, detail-oriented, and conscientious. You think very analytically and systematically and make decisions carefully with plenty of research and information to back it up.

Therefore, I have set myself a mission to help the Letting Agents of the UK with a series of step by step detailed, planned out methods to deal with this  'letting fee ban'.

This is the first (of many) videos to help you on that journey.

2 things every Estate & Letting Agent must have

The two top skills my intuition tells that an estate / letting agent must have to be successful is hard-work and patience.

1. Hard-work  How can you give  your all and go at 110% for clients and another 110% for your own estate agency? Easy: you need to work harder and smarter. One quick tip - Remove Facebook from your Phone - the average user spends 1hr 40 mins on Facebook a day

2. Patience - There is no such thing as an overnight success. It takes years to be an overnight success. You have to really patient. Today’s society expects everything now. That’s fine for dating (Tinder), shopping (Amazon) and Films (Netflix) but with people - you have to earn it. Stop looking for the return on investment in days, or weeks or even months. Play the long game - be the tortoise- not the hare

Estate / Letting Agents - One small thing you could do improve your business

51 sec video from John Paul from Castledene - 

Estate / Letting Agents - One small thing you could do improve your business 

Estate Agents - In the absence of Differentiation - Vendors Pick an Agent on Fee

Estate Agents - In the absence of Differentiation - Vendors Pick an Agent on Fee  (24 sec video)

Staff are the most important aspect of your Estate and Letting Agency business (69 seconds)

70 second video on why your staff are the most important thing in your business

Impatient Agents

What’s the problem? 

Why are you being so impatient? 

You want to buy a bloody top of range Beemer and live in a fancy house and you only set up your business 4 months ago? 

What’s the rush? 

I have spent the last 20 years being an overnight success. Stop worrying about the other agents in your town or Purplebricks are doing? 

For each minute you spend worrying about what somebody else has  ... is taking away from valuable time that you could make something for yourself.