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2 things every Estate & Letting Agent must have

The two top skills my intuition tells that an estate / letting agent must have to be successful is hard-work and patience.

1. Hard-work  How can you give  your all and go at 110% for clients and another 110% for your own estate agency? Easy: you need to work harder and smarter. One quick tip - Remove Facebook from your Phone - the average user spends 1hr 40 mins on Facebook a day

2. Patience - There is no such thing as an overnight success. It takes years to be an overnight success. You have to really patient. Today’s society expects everything now. That’s fine for dating (Tinder), shopping (Amazon) and Films (Netflix) but with people - you have to earn it. Stop looking for the return on investment in days, or weeks or even months. Play the long game - be the tortoise- not the hare