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Tell me Mr Letting Agent .. Why the hell should I follow you on Twitter?

Does your estate/lettings agency commit this No.1 crime?

..... Follow me on Twitter

Tell me .. why the hell should I follow you on s*ddin’ twitter? You give me no reason to do so .. and all that you will end up doing is my twitter feed being filled up with your cr*ppy sales messages or what you have put on the market .. great for tenants .. but as a landlord and vendor .. dull .. oh and by the way .. don’t even think of asking me to like your bl**dy page on Facebook?

Sound familiar?

It is an all too common request that we all face. But what are letting and estate agents doing to help convince prospective customers (ie landlords and potential sellers) why they should do so? But before you answer that, just think for a minute, take off your estate and letting agency hat for as second .. when some random garage, IT firm, Insurance firm etc etc asks you to follow ..What do you do? Yep, thought it, ignore the request. .. just like they are going to ignore your request

The ans…

'Landlords Wanted'

The three steps to getting more landlords

AGENTS ... Do you get the landlords you deserve?

No ..quite the oppositeYou might not get the landlords you deserve, but you will probably end up with the landlords you attract.

 If all you bang on about is how cheap you are, you will get landlords who only want a bargain. True you can attract vendors/landlords with your cheap fees, but is it worth it? We all know the type of landlord who is attracted to cheap fees can be a pain in the elbow, want something for nothingand keep complaining all the time. Let me tell you what I believe ... you get what you reward. You attract the landlords that respond to the way you act. You end up with what you tolerate. You build what your audience demands.
Only 4% of landlords (from a survey of 5000 landlords via those ace people at The Property Academy) are looking for the cheapest agent, but over 60% of landlords are looking for the agent that gives them the best service and the one they instinctively trust. But how do you prove service and trust without having the business in the first place?(Chick…

Why most agents are not intelligent

'The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.'Albert Einstein
Let’s face it, the estate and letting agency business has changed. Now people can search for property without having to step foot into agencies anymore (with the advent of the tinterweb and the portals).  Hardly anyone puts themselves on mailing lists now (paper ones) .. and thus, agents haven’t got people they can get listings off.  The work of estate and letting agents has changed. People used go into agents offices for brochures .. info on the property .. but now they don’t need to. The number of face-to-face interactions with our potential customers (house sellers and landlords) has declined.

 As a result, to be more successful, you agents will need to step outside your usual agency circles to be more visible to those who matter. Raising your visibility and developing a reputation in your town will be vital if you want to grow your business .... i.e. getting more people to ask you to market their property…

I can't list property for toffee at the moment

30 new managed properties on the books in 5 months .. by doing stuff for free