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The three steps to getting more landlords

  1.  Awareness
  2.  Interest
  3. Action

If a landlord doesn’t even know your agency exists, then how can they ever even consider using you? Making someone aware of you and your lettings agency is great, it’s addictive and fun to do. Big adverts in the paper and on Rightmove Featured Agent and Home Page banners, big swanky High Street offices with lovely touch screen displays, thousands of leaflets dropped everyday ... loving it! 

Interest is the story we tell, the transmission of information and emotion (ie education) from us, the letting agent, to the aware landlord. But here is the problem, most letting agents are too self absorbed to be interesting to others, to educate.  The other issue is that it takes time and the fact that interest takes many forms, but without a doubt, experience is the most trusted and high-impact way to educate and interest of people

How many times has a landlord said  "Later", but then never used you? Well, it’s because they were never going to say ‘yes’ anyway to you and they don’t want to put themselves in a spot by say No to you. Action is the last step of the landlord to use your agency, but the only one that the Area Manager is measuring. If you sacrifice the first two steps to boost this one, you will regret it.

If you have attracted a landlord through steps 1 and 2 (Awareness and Interest), the slight jump from Step 2 (Interest) to Step 3 (Action)is very small indeed in the eyes of the landlord .. and here is the most powerful thing ... the landlord is coming to you (the letting agent), you aren’t grabbing them in. Natural actions happen more often than ones that require a leap. Most landlords aren't going to act, but if you treat them well, they might just tell their other landlords friends. 

In fact over the last few months, talking to a few of my clients who have been with me 9+ months or more, most of their new landlord business is coming from landlords who have recommended my client agent, but the landlord who has recommended them DOESN’T USE MY CLIENT AGENT .. yes, that’s correct, other landlords of other agents recommending my client agency .. why? .. because that landlord hasn’t had enough pain to swap agents themselves but doesn’t hate them enough to leave .. but because my clients have had blogs, newspaper editorials, newsletters (Step 1 – Awareness) been writing articles (some have me as a ghost-writer) on the local town’s property market  ,those landlords have found interesting (Step 2 – Interest) ... they (the landlord) has said to their mate, ‘You need to talk to this agent, he seems to know what he is talking about’
If you want more landlords to use your lettings agency in 2015 and you want t know more about harvesting and farming landlords, then let us have a chat .. what have you got to lose?

Now.. here are some funny threes

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