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Tell me Mr Letting Agent .. Why the hell should I follow you on Twitter?

Does your estate/lettings agency commit this No.1 crime?

..... Follow me on Twitter

Tell me .. why the hell should I follow you on s*ddin’ twitter? You give me no reason to do so .. and all that you will end up doing is my twitter feed being filled up with your cr*ppy sales messages or what you have put on the market .. great for tenants .. but as a landlord and vendor .. dull .. oh and by the way .. don’t even think of asking me to like your bl**dy page on Facebook?

Sound familiar?

It is an all too common request that we all face. But what are letting and estate agents doing to help convince prospective customers (ie landlords and potential sellers) why they should do so? But before you answer that, just think for a minute, take off your estate and letting agency hat for as second .. when some random garage, IT firm, Insurance firm etc etc asks you to follow ..What do you do? Yep, thought it, ignore the request. .. just like they are going to ignore your request

The answer is not as extensive as you might imagine or hope to expect Mr and Mrs Estate and letting Agent. In fact, I honestly believe, social media, when it comes to getting landlords and new homeowners .. is a complete waste of time

The questions estate and letting agents should be asking, even before they create a social media presence...

1. Why should we, as an estate agent or letting agent, have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, etc etc? (.. and no, the answer isn’t because everyone else has one)

2. Why would landlords (for our letting agents readers) and prospective house sellers (for our estate agency blog readers) connect with us now and stay connected over time?

Landlords and prospective house sellers will expect letting agents and estate agents to think through these questions carefully and to present the answers and corresponding value into conversations and more important, into ongoing things you (Mr Estate Agent or you Mrs Letting Agent) write and say.

So, next time you are about to post that post follow me or like me .. would you dream of walking up to someone at the local Chamber of Commerce and saying ..’Like me’ even before you had met them .. no didn’t think so .. so don’t ask me on the tinterweb.

Social media is just another form of communication to add to newspaper print, telephones, fax machines etc etc. How you agents engage with other people is the key to social media .. its just what you and i would say face to face, but its just on a computer screen.... that is why it’s called social media …social