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I can't list property for toffee at the moment

There will be difficult landlords and vendors, aloof to your best sugary pitch on the free valuation or market appraisal. Listen to me ..try not to take it personally. You are in property game, selling your services to landlords and vendors and like all salespeople, you have to develop a little bit of a thick skin to handle some rejection. 

You need to develop your own coping strategy, but you will need a strategy. Keep your eye on the prize (as I tell Joey – our Rescue Dog), keep your eye on the end goal, and try not to be unduly dissuaded by a setback. For every no you get, its one nearer another yes . Don’t fear it (a no ain’t going to kill you .. is it?) ... The only thing you have to fear .. is fear itself don’t be disheartened. 

You see, what  you want is on the other side of fear.

If you have a bad run on your free vals, vastly changing your technique or giving up because you have had a bad run guarantees failure; you can always learn something from being unsuccessful. Do not spend all your time and energy on challenging individuals or being a prat to the Neg's in your office for booking rubbish appointments; take responsibility and learn ... sort your s**t out and think, then ...

Go for the lowest hanging fruit first— ring a few lost vals froma dfew months ago, those already interested. What you are trying to obtain is a tipping point where enough landlords and vendors know you, respect you, and want your services, so that those challenging landlords and vendors will hear of your expertise and seek you out when they learn of your value.

.... and if that dont work, do what my old Area Manager told me to do ... Get your mojo back and list on for 0.5% .. (but remember, once the mojo is returned, you will need to claw back that cheap fee .. but that wont matter as you will have your mojo back!)