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AGENTS ... Do you get the landlords you deserve?

No ..quite the opposite
You might not get the landlords you deserve, but you will probably end up with the landlords you attract.

 If all you bang on about is how cheap you are, you will get landlords who only want a bargain. True you can attract vendors/landlords with your cheap fees, but is it worth it? We all know the type of landlord who is attracted to cheap fees can be a pain in the elbow, want something for nothing  and keep complaining all the time.
Let me tell you what I believe ... you get what you reward. You attract the landlords that respond to the way you act. You end up with what you tolerate. You build what your audience demands.
Only 4% of landlords (from a survey of 5000 landlords via those ace people at The Property Academy) are looking for the cheapest agent, but over 60% of landlords  are looking for the agent that gives them the best service and the one they instinctively trust. But how do you prove service and trust without having the business in the first place?  (Chicken vs The Egg)
Well, that’s the easy part ... get inside the landlords and vendors minds BEFORE they need you, talk to them about something which is of interest to THEM (not you Mr Agent).. do this regularly and you will prove service and trustworthiness.  How do you do all that? Well if you have been reading my blog and watching my videos, I have told you so many times .. harvest and farm landlords, harvest and farm potential house sellers
It’s exactly 12 months since I started this blog .. if you have been reading it for a while and done nothing about.. you have a choice. Carry on with the old ways and get the vendors/landlords you attract... or with my help, get the landlords you reward.
Time to Choose.