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Storytelling in Estate Agency

In this busy 24-7 social media, where the average human  gets 2,000 adverts pushed at us a day world, when we manage a agents to get our advert in front of someone, albeit for a fleeting few seconds, the mistake we make as estate and letting agents is believing that we need to give potential landlords and house sellers all the information about our agency and why its so much better than every other agency.. whilst we have their ever so brief attention. That is what the teachers taught us at school. We were not reprimanded for writing down everything we knew on our answer sheets for our essays and exams. If you wanted top marks on your exams – you dumped everything on the page ..  yet this doesn’t work when we are dealing with real life people. The objective isn’t just to deliver the evidence that we are the best agent in town by giving chapter and verse .. far from it … it’s to grab the imagination of the house seller or landlord. As children, we communicated in stories, not facts and f…