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5 steps to get get more landlords

No one does business with someone they don't trust ... so surely, the most important thing is to build trust How to gain the trust of a homeowner or landlords. Easy, grab their attentionand then be interesting, they will be attracted to you because you are interesting (human nature) ..then they will begin to like what you say (again human nature)and slowly but surely,they begin to trust you (again human nature)… and people do business with people they trust (fact)Where do you think most agents trip up? Point 2 .. interesting Talking about your agency, your services, your new logo, your company, your network, what awards you have won, what your Rightmove Plus listings stats look like, what ESTAs awards you won 6 months or 6 years ago, what you have sold or let this week, how you smashed your targets this week/month, how you are branch of the year or month, … nobody gives a flying **** …. none of this is interesting except to three people … YouYour MumYour Boss.. and if you don’t believe…

Linkedin for Landlords

Clever use of Linkedin will allow you thousands of email addresses of a lot of the homeowners and landlords in your town. Twitter and Facebook is for kids – Linkedin is where 80% of your social media effort should be to get new stock.

Advance Notice - Landlord Farming Conference - 8th June 2016

For those agents who adopt the landlord farming techniques .. advance notice of the Landlord Farming Summit on the 8th June 2016 in Grantham.

80 letting and estate agents, one room, one day, networking, swapping ideas to get more landlords and vendors to use them

Booking details to follow on the 'Landlord Farming Club' group on Facebook 

8 reasons why people don’t use your estate agency

Have you ever heard these reasons why people don’t use your agency?
1.You haven’t got many properties like mine for sale / let 2.You aren’t on every portal 3.You don’t deal with this type of property 4.You're too young to take this £2m house on 5.You don’t go in the newspaper 6.You aren’t part of an extensive network 7.You don’t have buyers registered on your books 8.You don’t have a High Street office
Hear these words too many times and you might begin to believe them.
Now, more than ever …. attitude undermines background and effectiveness defeats inexperience.
… particularly when it comes to the work done on the boundaries, on the edges of estate and letting agency, where answers are still being found. Let me explain …
The world of estate agency is changing but some people don’t realise and others are looking in the wrong direction. High St vs Online vs Hybrid is not where the battle ground is in estate agency. Rightmove vs Zoopla vs OTM isn’t either where the war is being won or lost.

73.2% nose-dive in number of property sold per UK estate agent in 10 years

In 2004, there were 7,570 estate agent offices in the UK, in 2014 that number had risen to 19,304
.. problem is, in 2004, those 7,570 offices sold between them 1.78m properties whilst in 2014, 1.219m properties were sold
…. meaning in 2004, the average number of sales per estate agency branch was 235.13 .. However, roll the clock forward to today, and with the number of agents increasing by over 155% and lower number of property sales (1.78m to 1.219m), the average number of sales per estate agency branch now stands at 63.14 properties a year .. a drop of 73.2% .. and it will only get worse
But I say this, now has never been a better time to start an estate agency.
You don’t need huge pots of money to spend on advertising, you don’t need an expensive high street location, fitted out to the tune of thirty to fifty grand, you don’t need to have expensive full page adverts in the newspaper,
If I had a £1 for every agent who comes to me who says, “I launched my agency six months ago, I had tw…