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Estate + Letting Agents are no better than Pizza Delivery firms

Let me explain …

ESTATE AGENTS … Here are the facts, in 2004, 1,780,000 residential properties were sold by 7,570 estate agents … and last year, 1,219,000 residential properties were sold by 19,304 agents. Looking at stock to sell London for example, in June 2008, there were 99,225 properties on the market for sale … by March 2014, this had dropped to 29,371 … although because the market has slowed, this figure stands today at 48,465 .. (but it’s still a lot less than a few years ago.)

LETTING AGENTS … in 2001, 2,037,470 properties were privately rented in England alone and by 2011, that had risen to 3,715,924 .. a rise of 82.3% .. Have the number of letting agents stayed the same? Hell, no? Pauline from Ipswich told me when she started in 1999 there were only 4 letting agents in Ipswich … today its 36. Daren from Derby told me when he started in the early 2000’s, there were six letting agents in Derby .. today there are a staggering 53 letting agents ..

… why the hell w…

Estate Agents – Everyone is ignoring your advertising