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Letting Agent Training – A course in getting more landlords for your letting agency - 3rd/4th Dec 2015

A two day course in getting landlords for your lettings agency

Held on Thursday 3rd December 2015 and Friday 4th December 2015 in Grantham (near Nottingham and Leicester). Grantham is on the A1  and is only 1 hr 9 mins from London Kings Cross and 1 hr from Leeds.

The course will teach you how to attract landlords (and vendors) to your agency by becoming your town’s property guru. We will teach you how to write articles about your town’s property market ina system called ‘landlord farming’.

Post Course Support
POST COURSE SUPPORT. Within the fee, it will include a weekly webinar for the attendees, for group support on all the initial teething issues, for eight sessions over a period of three months with myself and Daniel (a fellow letting agent who is doing the technique day in day out). Only people who come of the course will granted access to the webinar

How many people will attend?
As at 29th October 2015, this is the first public announcement of the course. Seven people are already booked in (whom were on our mailing list) .. we have room for a maximum of twelve… five places left

What’s included?
Course material, handouts, tempaltes, 23 pre- wriiten articles, the lunchtime food, coffee and cold drinks during the daytime course is included.

What’s not included
The attendees will responsible for their overnight accommodation costs. Bed and breakfast rate at the Hotel we are holding the course in is £70 for a single occupancy and if you book plenty in advance, the local Premier Inn on the outskirts of town often does room only deals for around £40/£50 a night (I can provide info if required). We would have a social get together on the middle evening , which would be ideal to swap ideas and network.

Course Agenda
1. Introduction to landlord farming
  • The Lettings Circle
  • AIDA
  • Why landlords wont swap agents / When can they swap
  • The stepping stones of landlords to agents / Landlord Farming flowchart
  • Why storytelling is so important and how it relates to the lettings market
2. Channels of Delivery
  • Newspaper Advertorials vs Editorials
  • PDF Newsletters via Email
    • How to get the Email Address of 1000 to 4000 landlords in your town
    • Solicitors/Accountants Emails
    • Printed Newsletters to the movers and shakers in your town
    • Printed newsletters through the letter box of big houses in your town
  • Rightmove to get people to you and your blog
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin

3. Blog
  • Why the blog is important
  • Set up a blog – – each attendee will set up their own blog under the guidance of the two of us
  • Structure of the Blog and what is expected on a daily/weekly/monthly basis
 4. Writing the articles
  • The structure of the articles
  • Clarkson vs One show articles
  • Example articles
  • Sources of Info (including Census, RM, Zoopla, ONS)
  • Attendees to write their own articles under Christopher’s guidance
Is the course any good?

Listen to these six agents … 

The cost of the course and the webinars is £975 + VAT per person. There is a discount if a second person from the same firm wished to attend at the same time
When will run the next one?

We normally run them two or three times a year - last one was May 2015 - next one Summer 2016

Want to know more? .. visit the website

Want to really know what we will be talking teaching?
Want a snippet of what we will teach … here is nearly 1 hour video exert of the training — ITS HEAVY GOING DETAILED STUFF – but so it should be for the price you are paying ( )

Richard HodgsonExcellent course that talks complete, practical sense in order to help you in your efforts to find landlords to deliver you new business opportunities. With Daniel joining Chris you will gain the added advantage of learning some great technical tips too.”
Lorraine ThompsonGreat course run by a truly fab guy…It’s a must for anybody that hasn’t been on the course”
John Paul “I found Christopher’s course to be fantastic and we are already seeing the positive results of his teachings. As with everything action is required, but by putting into place the information taught by Chris, you cant help but get more business. He is also a really nice bloke, which helps massively, highly recommended”MD of Castledene Group and The Times and Sunday Times Letting Agent of the Year 2014 (Overall UK Winner) and The Times and Sunday Times Best Training and Development in the UK (Gold)
Call me on 07950 147 572 or email