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Agents – Are you afraid of the word ‘No’?

Dummies Guide to Estate and Lettings Agency

Have you read the book ‘43 year old Estate / Letting Agent in South West London needs more stock’?  

No.1 Best Seller at Amazon you know, even a Sunday Times Best Seller and a Richard and Judy Book of the Week ! ..  but strangely all the sales of the book have been in Kingston-on-Thames and Wimbledon? Why, because if you are an agent in South East London or Hertfordshire or Birmingham, the book quite clearly won’t be relevant and complete work of fiction. 

If I had a pound for every time an agent said to me ‘my town is different’, I would be a very rich man. Yes your town, your suburb is different to the next town or suburb .. but fundamentally, you are in the same position as all the other agents in other towns. All of you are all the same boat and you can all answer YES to all three questions 
You are an agentThere are landlords/vendors needing properties let or sold.There are too many competitor agents in town

I am sorry Mr(s) Agent, but no one is going to write a book about your speci…

All you agents are the same