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4 elements to getting more free vals and listings

Estate and Letting Agency marketing that is successful (and when I say 'successful', I mean marketing that gets you the free vals, the new listings, the landlords and the managed properties to let) has four elements: 1. Attention 2. Engagement 3. Trust and finally, 4. Consent However, 95% of estate agency marketing, agents just worry about the first one… Attention We are the best agent, We have had such an awesome few months we are slashing our fees to X, Look at our Rightmove market share graph  Its all noise .. its all “look how big my willy is” .. trying for quick hit and win, the shortcut to estate agency success  … yet failing You see attention on its own wont get you the listings you deserve (and need) –  Deep down – you know that ..think of all the failed 10,000 leaflet drops or you spending £000’s on SEO etc .. and they didn’t work. Its because the marketing lacked engagement Engagement means that your audience wants to go where you are going. .. and from engagement comes trust an…