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Estate Agents - vs the Competition

As an estate agent, it could be said its easy to explain your estate agents features and benefits ... but my intution tells me  far its much harder to show the public what you stand for and why. Your mission should never be to invite a like for like comparison between your agency and everyone else's agency. Instead, my gut reaction tells me it should always be to state emphatically publicly and the truth about what makes your estate agency incomparable and worthy of the hose sellers you hope to serve.

ROI of Letting Agency Marketing

ROI – Return on Investment is easy to measure in this new 21st Century age of Letting Agency marketing. Open rates on emails, Click Thru Rates on Rightmove banners, Number of Downloads of the full brochure, Facebook likes, People ringing a particular telephone number for a Free Val .. the list goes on … but do those measurements DIRECTLY get you more listings? My gut reaction tells me not as well as they should
My intuition tells me the important things in life .. things like love, friendship, friendships, going out one’s way to help another human being and business relationships can’t be measured with a number, which is why many agents find it difficult to implement marketing techniques that can’t be measured. Let me tell you a story about a letting agent called Daren from Derby. Daren was my first client 3.5 years ago and he had been treading water for years in terms of taking his business forward. He had tried every technique under the sun to attract new landlords (banners, adverts,…

Most estate agency marketing …

Most estate agency marketing starts with what the estate agent needs to say, not with what the potential house seller wants to hear.
Most estate agency marketing defines and describes features and benefits of the estate agency and how their agency us better than the others, instead of the house seller’s problems and anticipated conclusions.
Most estate agency marketing prioritises getting the free valuation now above long term connection.
Most estate agency marketing pursues to build brand awareness rather than build brand empathy.
Most estate agency marketing creates noise instead of adding something of value and worth.
Most estate agency marketing gets lost in a sea of vanilla ubiquitous sameness .. uniformly cookie cutter .. all the same … and utter rubbish that nobody reads or listens to
Are you most estate agents?
Because if you aren’t, you my friend need to break the mould.
Your job with your estate agency marketing is to do exactly the opposite .. like these agents .. and relevant and…

Do awesome Valuer/Listers make awesome Branch Managers?

Bosses are so often so concerned about their status of their position and organisation they actually forget their actual job. As Simon Sinek says … “Their actual job of a boss is not about being in charge's about taking care of those in our charge”
I don't think bosses understand this. I don't think individuals train for this when we are lower ranks of any agency … our only responsibility is to be a good Neg or good Valuer.
That’s all we have to do … and our bosses give us training on that (Neg courses/Valuers courses etc) so we can be really good at their our jobs We come to work, we work hard and the agency will give us loads of training how to do our job … and that's what we do … and if you work really hard and if you're good at your job as a Neg .. they promote you to Valuer … and if you are really good at that .. they promote you to Branch Manager where you are now responsible for the people who do the job you used to do ….
But (and there is always a but) …