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Do awesome Valuer/Listers make awesome Branch Managers?

Bosses are so often so concerned about their status of their position and organisation they actually forget their actual job. As Simon Sinek says … “Their actual job of a boss is not about being in charge's about taking care of those in our charge”
I don't think bosses understand this. I don't think individuals train for this when we are lower ranks of any agency … our only responsibility is to be a good Neg or good Valuer.
That’s all we have to do … and our bosses give us training on that (Neg courses/Valuers courses etc) so we can be really good at their our jobs We come to work, we work hard and the agency will give us loads of training how to do our job … and that's what we do … and if you work really hard and if you're good at your job as a Neg .. they promote you to Valuer … and if you are really good at that .. they promote you to Branch Manager where you are now responsible for the people who do the job you used to do ….
But (and there is always a but) …

Just Copy Savills if you want to be successful in Estate Agency

Savills back in the 80s started their Research Dept. They set their Research Dept up to create reports and stats and articles that the newspapers would lap up and print – making them look like the agent who knew what they were talking about .. the ‘local property experts’ to pardon the pun. (albeit with a plum and silver spoon in their mouth- pulling of the leg!). Knight Frank and all the other posh agents followed suit
Why did they do this? Well traditional Estate Agency marketing, like A5 flyers listing the benefits of your agency, newspaper adverts, banner adverts for brand awareness and other agency-specific information doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to.
Instead Savills and the posh agents, with the Research Depts and reports are doing a marketing technique called "content marketing"
Content marketing doesn’t talk about you, your agency or your services or who wonder you are … quite the opposite.
Content marketing provides potential clients with something they can’…