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Estate / Letting Agency - Getting your name out there

106 years ago, my Great Grandfather William Watkin, opened his Butchers shop in Grantham. Today, by brother Richard runs the show (and he does it really well). William’s thinking about his marketing strategy is totally different to that of Richard’s. 

William’s customers were locals. They were  local’s, walked into town to pick up their veg from one of a few Grocers, Candlesticks from candlestick maker and meat from his shop. 

They only purchased what they could carry and shopped every day. It was important to have fresh produce, a willing smile and time to natter and bond. William knew he could often upsell a fresh Pork Pie to Mrs Miggins when she came in for a pound of sausages and a few slices of boiled ham. In a world before the supermarkets, William didn’t have the difficulty of being found. 

William didn’t have to be more convenient or his prices lower, all he did was open the doors. William’s marketing strategy was unassuming and simple. Sell the things people are buying when they’re buying it.

But now it’s 2017, it’s my brother Richard’s time and the world has changed.

Everything about the business of marketing becomes more subtle. The nuances of marketing in the 21st Century with its different shades of meaning or expression are so important.

When it’s possible to get shopping brought to your door at 10pm, without having cash in your purse or shoes on your feet. His (and yours) punters and clients aren’t as predictable or as obvious as William’s.

You have to go deeper as you consider how potential customers buy, not just what and when they buy.

How does your potential landlord’s or potential vendors developing 21st Century world shape and change how you do business? How will estate and letting agents like yours flourish in the 2020’s and 2030’s by meeting not just the wants and needs of potential landlord’s or potential vendors, but also by understanding their lives, behaviours and attitudes?