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Are You a Mediocre, Middle Of The Road Estate Agent?

I was recently at a rugby match and at the end of game, we all left the ground. From our stand there are three exits. However, the vast majority of people took the middle one. 

..and that made me think, because I thought you see this play-out in commerce and business as well – albeit a little more subtler. 

Go to Marks and Spencer’s or any other clothes store, and you’ll find little to distinguish one pair of jeans or pairs of shoes from another. When one fashion house starts designing and making with a new kind of material or style, everyone follows suit. 

The identical patterns have surfaced in estate and letting agency marketing. 

Every estate and lettings agency seeks to be unique, to stand out and create something significant, important and above all – make a difference—yet when it comes to implementing on those ambitions we copy, dumb down and swerve towards the mediocre average and middle. 

We as an industry head where everyone else is heading because that is the perceived wisdom. If Bairstow Eves offer a online package in conjunction with their existing brand – it must be right. If Purplebricks works, everyone else needs an online option. If Foxtons do 0% fees on opening – it must be right. If every Corporate agent uses ‘Landlords Wanted’ leaflets – it must be right for me. If every other middle sized Independent agent puts their listings on Twitter 40 times aday – we must do the same

But what if Bairstow Eves, Foxton’s, Purplebricks and the rest of them are wrong?

Stop being mediocre, middle of the road, yet you might think being on the edge is risky, but the opposite is true. 
When you stand for something, you will end up going to a place your competitors aren’t prepared to go… and you will stand out from your competitors!

How do you do that? Easy – watch these videos – all 80+ of them. No subscription, no email, nothing .. I tell you everything you need to do and you don’t need to pay me a penny to do it – if you can be bothered to find out