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a lesson from a Farmers Market to all us agents

I love to go to the Christmas market in Stamford with Senior Management (the wife)… especially the food bit. This year there were two cheese sellers .. and both made cheese and their farm. They sell an almost indistinguishable product (Red Leicester cheese), but one was selling three or four times as much cheese as the other. Their marketing techniques were comparable. Try and catch people’s eye, give them a sample of the cheese (with cocktail stick – this is Lincolnshire) to try and use that time the potential punter is munch the cheese to go into sales mode
The first cheesemaker informs his potential punters his cheese is the best Red Leicester cheese in the UK. ‘I should know, I make it,’ he proudly declares.
The second cheesemaker tells potential punters that his cheese are vegan, dairy and gluten free. ‘Its delicious when a thick chunk is cut and eaten with some warm bread. Great grated on pizza and when having a nice glass of vino on a Friday night afterwork .. the bold, yet mellow cheese works wonderfully well with a decent Shiraz or Merlot , and all because we love our Cows, they all have names and play music to them when they are miked – meaning they are much happier,’ he states as he points to a picture of Daisy in the milk parlour (with what I swear is a smile on her face) …  as punters lined up to hand her their hard earned cash.
We as Estate / Letting Agents spend days and days, months and even years perfecting our agency service, yet when it comes to our sale pitch, our marketing, we should respect that dedication to creating something that matters by refining our sales pitch too. If you want to make a difference in agency, you must be able to tell the homeowners and landlords you want to act for why it should matter to them. (.. not you)