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My sadness for the Letting Agents in England

10% to 20% of your income is going to go in 12 month’s time with the tenant fee ban
Its unjust and unfair.
Its excessive and imbalanced
It’s like you are constantly battling.
Running through treacle
How you can be expected to
find 41 minutes in your already hectic schedule to watch the story of a letting agent, on when he started, how the early days were glory days, on why/how he found really hard to grow hs agency between 2009 and 2014, and how he fixed this problem (of a lack of stock and low fees) two years ago? …
.. I mean your town is so different to every other town.
The competition is fiercer .. the fees are lower
Your family needs you, your letting agency demands your attention, facebook needs you, your negs need you and your inbox flags you with more shiny objects than you know what to do with.
You haven’t got the time
I know it’s an uphill battle just to squeeze in 41 minutes of uninterrupted time to watch it –
41 minutes - so he can tell you exactly, with lots of detail, he grew his lettings agency by 200 managed properties in 20 months .. charging decent fees
FFS … I mean… when did you become the centre of the whole bloody universe?
Stop for a second .. and take a deep breath
Between all the plates you have spinning, you might as well be the featured plate spinner of a traveling circus.
I know what it is like because I have been through what you have .. when I started out.
Well I hope you don’t mind me taking a bold stance on your behalf?
But you are fired
You see… this spinning plates thing just isn’t for you.
You are brilliant.
You are an awesome letting agent
You are ambitious.
You go the extra mile
And the fact is you need more landlords to offset the cut in tenants fees.
That’s hard work and it DOESN’T need a half-assed plate spinner…
But a world-class performer at its helm.
Most letting agents will spend the next 12 to 18 months learning to be better plate spinners…
Read every new business book that promises more focus, discipline and willpower.

And eventually they’ll reach a point of crippling frustration (maybe one you can relate to)... where they’re busier than ever, working longer, harder hours than ever…
Yet the return on those efforts is virtually NOTHING.
Maybe even NEGATIVE when you factor in the golden opportunities they will have missed.
Because they’re not performing or leading… they’re simply plate spinning.
Well that doesn't have to be you.
Because today, in 41 minutes (which is faster than reading any business book)...
… you can quit your job as a plate spinner and see how to become an elite letting agent.
There’s no hack, pill or book that can do it for you.
But there is a fundamental shift you can make RIGHT NOW…
… and a proven system that supports it without relying on guesswork or willpower.
So if you’re ready to ditch the circus and claim your role as an elite letting agent…
One who seizes only the best opportunities in front of them.
And sees them through to perfect completion.
The system is called landlrod farming an let Daren how he changed his life with it .. Watch it now before YouTube takes it down.

kind regards
Christopher Watkin
Author of the 450+ Post  ‘How to get Landlords to use your Lettings Agency’ Blog – going since 2013

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