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Traditional Estate Agents, particularly the big corporates like the Countrywide’s, LSL’s and Sequence’s of this world, are organised for efficiency and consistency.

But not Delight.

Delight comes from astonishment, being human, connections, empathy and transparency and fresh

Don’t get me wrong, there are some very special people who work on the coal face, the front line of these big agents – some are even my friends.

.. but I am talking about the estate agency machine itself

...If you fear the weekly conference call, if you staff with negs that can leave and be replaced without too much hassle with another neg from up the road, if every task is written down in bullet points (and god forbid you stray from that) ..

..then the chances of amazing a landlord, vendor, tenant or buyer are really quite low.

These agencies have Negs, Valuers and Branch Managers who will try to paper of the cracks over after the fact, instead of having motivated people eager to delight at the time it matters - now.