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How to beat the big agent in your town

“Everywhere I look I’ve got competitor letting and estate agents, from the large corporates to other independent agents who have been going for 25 years or more. What can I do to beat the competition and get more landlords and vendors to give me their properties?”
.. as some famous Chinese General said over 2,500 years ago,  you have know yourself before you can know your enemy.
You are in a battle against your competitor agents in your town and the fundamental key to success is to
know your competition.
You need to recognise the hurdles you need to overcome.
Do you know who your biggest competitor is?
Do you know who or what is stealing your prospects’ attention and keeping them from buying your letting agent services?
You may be surprised to learn that your biggest competitor isn’t the other letting agents in your town.
If you thought they, you’d be right that they are competitors but they’re not your biggest one.
Who then is your biggest competitor?
Before I give you the answer, let me tell you a story.
During his first year in Sixth Form, my nephew was not the student he could have been. All my explanations and appeals about needing good grades to get into Uni fell on deaf ears. My brother and his Mrs tried chats, lectures and everything else they thought might work, but they just didn’t have his attention.
Sound familiar?
The same is true of your prospective landlords (your message falling on deaf ears). Your biggest competitor isn’t one of the other letting agents that provide basically the same letting agency services.
No, my friend .. your biggest competitor and obstacle to growing your letting agency business is your prospective landlords indifference!
If your prospective landlords aren’t responding to your letting agency marketing, you are not capturing their –
  1. Attention
  2. Interest
  3. Trust
  4. Motivation
  5. Commitment
There are hundreds of landlords who could benefit from your services as a letting agent.
Why aren’t they flocking to your door?
Why aren’t you massively increasing your managed stock every year?
Do you have the same problem with your prospects’ that my brother had with his son?
Two thirds through his Lower Sixth form year, just after he flunked his AS levels, my brother took his son to see several Uni’s that were within his reach if he just applied himself. He liked what he saw and got excited about going to Uni (or was it just the idea of getting away from home?)
He got his attention by showing him the opportunities he could have if he improved his grades. He motivated him by giving him the information he needed to make the decision to work harder in school. The result? His grades went from below par to ‘effin brilliant.
You can overcome your prospective landlords’ indifference too by giving them the information they want in your letting agency marketing.
Notice I underlined the word they want.
Landlords are obsessed about the value of their property, their rent, their yield on their property… nobody reading this can deny that.
.. but what do we do with our letting marketing? We are just like the boring man at the party that talks about themselves, brags how wonderful they are. Don’t believe me?  Look at your letting agency marketing. If it talks about your firm, your services, what you have let (or sold), your fees, how many offices you have, how long you have operated, how many years you have been in business .. you might be interested .. but I am sorry to break this to you .. prospective landlords aren’t.
You are an awesome letting agent that goes the extra mile
You feel like you are walking through treacle and it gets harder and harder each year to be a letting agent … 2016 was tougher than 2015 … and 2015 was tougher than 2014 .. you get the drift
I help hundreds of letting agents around the UK and I want to help you .. but you have to help yourself first.
You have to open your eyes and realise the old ways of marketing don’t work anymore
That isn’t your fault
The world has changed – but the way letting agents market themselves hasn’t
It’s time to stand out from the crowd and be the goto letting agent in your town, the Mr (or Mrs) Local Property Guru, the leading Authority on Property market and that is how you will beat the established agents in your town ..
..and how do you do it?
All you need to do is talk about your local property market, prices, rents and yields and you will beating landlords off with $hitty sticks
When you become the local property guru, the authority of the local property market, you will talking directly to these landlords and what these landlords are obsessed, passionate, fascinated, interested in .. and their motivation will soar.
Want to find out how to generate more interest from prospective landlords and motivate them to use you and become the local property guru?
Use this simple strategy to skyrocket your landlord leads and numbers of properties under management… a total of 10/15 minutes’ worth of videos
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If you still need help after all these, don't worry, drop me a line and I'll show you how to get it.
kind regards
Christopher Watkin
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