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Silver Bullet for Your Lettings Agency

Just think what you could if you had silver bullet for your lettings agency .. something that with blink of an eye could get you more stock, more ‘new instructions’, more market share, higher fees, the discovery, the vision, the stimulus, the shortcut to be a better letting agent ...
Sorry, but The Silver Bullet Shop closed down in the 19th Century when Beast of GĂ©vaudan, a legendary gigantic werewolf, was killed by a hunter with the name of Argent (which is Latin for silver), wielding a gun loaded with silver bullets.
… after that, there wasn’t the demand..
That is until the 1950’s when it reopened for a few years to supply The Lone Ranger with his silver bullets .. but demand waned and it closed down again.

Some think these Online Valuation Plugins (eg ValPal) are the Silver Bullet whilst others think Cheap Fees or going on Online are the quick win answers – they arent.
Now that you know that there are no silver bullets in lettings (or estate agency), a better question is probably:
What do you care enough about that you're prepared to look at yourself, your team, your marketing, your strategy and think .. I need to take self-accountability for myself, my agency and my team .. and I tell you that isn’t pretty.
What do you care enough about that you're prepared to expose yourself to fear, risk and hard work to get?
Time to make a choice
If you don't care .. carry on my friend and good luck on your journey
If you do care .. you owe it yourself to open your eyes. Be self-critical, take advice, ask for advice, search out new techniques that work in this new 21st Century. Talk to the likes of Iain White, Sam Ashdown, Richard Rawlings, Chris Kyriacou, The Property Academy, Stephen Brown .. do you homework and find out what you need to do to survive .. then thrive. You might even want to know what I think and believe. I have recorded over 15+ videos on how to grow your lettings (and estate) agency. There are hours of training videos and I promise you, the technique it works, but it requires guts, hard work, patience and persistence -
Question is - Are you prepared to listen to what I have to say? Over 500 agents in the UK are adopting the principles and if implemented correctly- seldom fail to organically grow any lettings (and even estate agency) by at least 20% within 12 to 18 months    .. Videos here ..