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Complaining about Estate/Lettings Agents

Estate / Lettings Agents - how would you like people to ring you to complain they haven't received your marketing flyer this month?
Before we answer that .. let us have a look how 99% of agents do their flyers ..

Would anyone miss these if you stopped dropping them? Would anyone complain? No
This is unsolicited junk mail ... but you will say, they do work.
If you throw enough sh*t at the wall, some of it will stick. You have to drop 5,000 to 10,000 to get one free valuation .. 10 years ago if you dropped 5,000 to 10,000 you used to get double digit numbers of free vals.
These leaflets don't work as well nowadays  because of a few things (compared to 10 years ago)
  1. Every other agent does them now
  2. People don't like to be sold to
  3. They just talk about the agent and how wonderful they are
  4. They aren't personal
  5. They aren't relevant
  6. People don't look forward to them
However, what if your leaflet was anticipated, personal and relevant ... that would always do better than unsolicited junk?
So, I thought, why not talk about something that would make people remember you and your brand. Make people complain if they didn't receive your marketing. Continuing to think .. I asked myself, what would be personal and relevant to a homeowner or landlord? Then it came to me one day, homeowners and landlords are obsessed about their property.. how much it is worth, how much it has gone up in value, how much better their house compared to one across the road, or the next street or neighboring suburb or even town.
Then it came to me one day, homeowners and landlords are obsessed about their property.. how much it is worth, how much it has gone up in value, how much better their house compared to one across the road, or the next street or neighboring suburb or even town... and landlords on top of that also think about yield and rents and stuff like that
That is the one thing every homeowner and landlord is interested in. HOW MUCH IS MY HOUSE WORTH. So if we want to be relevant and personal .. why don't we just talk about the local property market TO THE LOCAL HOMEOWNERS AND LOCAL LANDLORDS?
Become not the local property expert .. No no .. leave that to Purplebricks and take it not one, but three steps higher.
Why not write and produce Local in-depth property market updates delivered to the middle to upper-class areas of your town (because that is where the landlords and homeowners live) .. and talk 100% about your town's property market .. and it will make you different .. but more importantly .. will, in fact, make you the AUTHORITY on your TOWN's PROPERTY MARKET
Write local property market Reports like these ..
Screenshot 2016-10-31 10.35.49
Screenshot 2016-10-31 10.48.28
Screenshot 2016-10-31 10.33.23
In fact .. here are 21 downloadable Estate and Letting Agent newsletters from the UK ..look what these agents are doing to attract business. Isn't funny these agents, who drop (in the right way) these sorts of newsletters organically grow their estate and lettings agencies by 20% to 30% in 18 months .. really strange?
(Click on the Image below to download the PDF reports  - no email required)
Screenshot 2016-05-20 07.08.24
kind regards
PS If you think for one bleedin' second these agents wrote and produced these newsletters - you are mistaken, my friend. Now there is nothing stopping you writing these articles - many agents do - but most haven't got the time. They paid ghostwriters to write the articles and sort the graphs and graphics people to set it.
Who are these ghostwritters and graphics people? Me and my team
If you are thinking there has to be a different way to attract landlords and homeowners in 2017 - give me a call or email me. If you think - the lad has a point but I'm not ready to ring him - why not watch some videos (below) about what the newsletters are, how they work and why they work .
450+ blog posts on getting more people (house sellers or landlords) for your estate agency or lettings agency
my thoughts on how to succeed in UK estate/letting agency on videos  (15+ videos)

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