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Back in the 1990's you just had to open your lettings and estate agency and they would come... because the house seller or landlord had few choices of agent, estate/letting agents didn’t need to give them a reason to use them .. in fact they were the new boys (or girls) in town .. so everyone tried them .. the honeymoon period .. because they were new
It's now 2018 and agents up and down the Country are mourning the death of the old ways of estate and letting agency, and only some are now realising that fact
High Street or Online, Indy or Corporate ... it doesnt matter. Back then, they might have only been a handful of agents in your town, now there are 52 ... and your new agency is just the 53rd agent .. and next week the 54th agent will open.. and next month 55th .. and so on and so forth.
You need to give people a reason to listen to you and what your agency offers. Its just people ignore advertising and don't like to sold to... but that is what we are doing with our estate agency marketing.
Just because every agent does that kind of marketing (hi, we are a brilliant agent, we are marvelous, we do things better, we have 6 USP's over everyone else ... doesnt mean you have to!
Nobody gives a f*** about you, your agency or services (apart from your Mum). And if you think they do - do you care about what the types of law the local solicitors law practice does? No. Do you care the local architects know all 43 Build Regulations Directives since 1954 - Of course not (so why do you whine on about s8 vs s21 notices). Do you care about out of town factory conveyancing depts or High street conveyancers - no - so nobody cares about your moaning of Purplebricks). 
Please stop .. you are wasting time, money and mental energy on this.
I have walked in your shoes and decided 6 years ago there had to be a different way to market yourself as an agent .. and I found it

I advocate a different way to make listen people listen to you and what your agency has to say through your marketing
Its quite simple
Stop talking about yourself, your firm and your agency services ... and talk about the one thing every homeowner and landlord is interested in .. 100% guaranteed interested in
THE ANSWER - simple ..and you already know it
"What is happening to the local property market where I own my house"
THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE TO DO .. talk about the one thing every local homeowner is fascinated in .. their property
How do I know that .. simple .. Whenever somebody sees a brand new of the for sale board on the street they own house in .... they always go onto Rightmove to see what is on the market for before they get out of the car
Follow me, go to my Youtube channel (TYPE IN MY FULL NAME INTO YOUTUBE) .. and I show how to do this ... 200+ VIDEOS - FOR FREE and the best thing - it works and you don't need me to do it