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The reason estate agency social media doesnt get you the stock/listings/free vals

When the average Brit clicks on their Facebook or LinkedIn icon on their phone-they are going to their social media to find stuff online that they can connect with, engage with, engross themselves in, have a laugh with and even learn stuff- from people and companies they trust. 

They haven’t gone on to find out how many houses you have sold/let this month, you are no.1 for market share (and have a Rightmove pie chart to prove it) to read about your charisma-less dull vanilla estate agency. 

You might be interested in market share or the fact you have smashed your listings targets-but nobody else is (apart from your Mum or Boss- and they don’t count)

If you are looking to boost your engagement on social medial and generate more freeval leads, ask yourself this; How can you, as an agent, provide content that’s going to ring true with the values of the potential landlord/house seller instead of your listing targets? 

What can you give them that is going to instantaneously interest them, intrigue them, educate them or inspire them? How can you stop talking about what you or your agency, and instead talk about why you’re an agent? 

How can you share as an acquaintance – with understanding, humour, answers and with interesting thoughts and help – that’s going to make them trust you?