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Brand Awareness Marketing in Estate Agency

ESTATE AGENTS .. My intuition tells me (and it does you) that just because somebody is aware of a product or service … any product or service … its doesn’t mean they will buy it.

If I asked you to name the main Banks, Car Manufacturers or Supermarkets – you could tell me a long list of them – but you don’t use/buy them, yet think of all the millions wasted by the banks and others telling us about themselves.

Yet when it comes to marketing OUR estate/letting agency services, we focus our attention on gaining brand awareness all the time just like the banks and supermarkets. Reason goes out the window. We, as agents, persuade (and fool) ourselves into believing that attention and awareness inexorably lead to action. We spends loads of money on brand awareness marketing on Rightmove banners, Googles Ads and a5 flyers… hoping to make people choose our agency

You agents are fooling yourselves, because yes, you can buy attention .. but attention or awareness doesn’t make people use your agency (just like it wont make you swap banks)

Awareness without getting engagement is worthless .. and building trust and belonging can’t be bought with an A5 flyer, Google Ad or Rightmove Market share Intel graph...

You have to earn engagement and trust .. how? Follow me and I will show you how