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Getting the fee or salary you deserve

 The issue is .. most of the time … you never do
Instead, you get the fee what landlords/vendors think you are worth or the salary your boss thinks you are worth

So, if you are going to get the fee/salary you deserve .. you need to appreciate the position from the point of view of the landlord/your boss.

In the place of feeling unappreciated or not respected, pi$$ed off and down beat, can I suggest instead you can put all your efforts and direction on making and generating a reputation that people (landlords/house sellers/your boss) consider is worth more?

You see, in this world, people don't make purchasing decisions based on what is good for you …  they do stuff that is good for them …and they can only make those decisions centred on what THEY see, what THEY need and what THEY believe.

Now I often see in this world that we as humans sell ourselves too short – I’m guilty of it – as I am sure you are sometimes.

Often … we don't ask for pound notes (fee/salary) proportionate with the value we create.

…and by not getting what we deserve ..

I think it's a form of repression on ourselves,

But I think it’s even deeper than that … by allow ourselves to be underplayed and underpaid … it means we keep our head down .. so we can stay in the shadows and become part of the masses.

I know that because I used to think and feel that way.

Drop the fee to get that listings, don’t moan about the salary ..

..but at least we can keep our head down and not make a fuss (unless we are moaning to our friends)

..but it can be different.

You can get what you deserve

The blunder we as human beings sometimes is in not telling stories that our bosses, our potential landlords and potential house sellers can engage with and empathise with

.. because if we can get that engagement and empathy .. and in turn ..  

….that will create more value in what we do and what we are.

.. .. and from more value .. you and I can prove our worth and get more (fee/salary).

If you can tell a story of WHO you are, WHAT you are and WHY you do what you do, and yes, telling that story will be hard work.. and no it wont be instant – so it needs patience as well as hardwork

…But if you are prepared to play the long game , work hard and have patience to create and tell a story that adds value to other people (be that homeowners, landlords or your boss)

You will win

…. because to be different, to come out of the shadows and to build something unique … trust me … wont that be worth seeking out?

You know in your heart that is true

Because as other Estate Agents and other Letting Agent’s marketing  (aka story) fades and blends into the background like every other agents else’s vanilla homogenous boring averageness  of marketing (ie SHOUTING AT the general public …. look at us, look what we have sold/let, look at our services, look how big our willy is type of marketing)

.. Instead … tell a story, your story your message, your thoughts and your communications that will be done WITH THE PEOPLE you seek to help ….. NOT AT THEM

It's based on the idea that if the landlord and house seller knew what you know, and believed what you believe, they would want to work with you.

I have a belief, as I know many agents have .. that long term trust is worth far more than any one single transaction every could ever be.

So, how do you do earn that long-term trust?

Easy .. tell a story that landlords (and homeowners) want to engage with.

What is that story?

That story is one thing you have that landlords and homeowners crave. The two things they are obsessed about …

Themselves and Money

…. Bit wit one important point of view

Themselves and their money in tied up in their/your local property market .. what is happening in terms of what is selling (and isn’t), what is happening to property prices, what is happening to yields.


Want to know how to do that? .. watch this video .. aimed at both letting and estate agents and you will fly