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Lost the love for estate and lettings agency?

In our highly competitive, some might even say ferocious game of estate (and lettings?)  agency, here is how it's supposed to work:

  • Decide you want to make a difference in estate and lettings agency – so start your own agency
  • Hire awesome friendly staff that go the extra mile
  • Have a decent website, boards and marketing
  • Work your ar$e off to even get those early free vals
  • Work until stoop’o’clock
  • Leading your staff, talisman like .. as everyone puts in loads of overtime on their time .. because they are on the journey with you
  • You are extraordinary, non-standard andunique
  • Get every property on your books at decent fees
  • Arrange Viewings and conduct negotiations
  • Bag the Sale, celebrate every little win
  • … and whilst its hard…. Its brilliant being an agent

In essence your passion and drive to offer a professional, connected, even memorable awesome estate and lettings agency service and experience shines out ..

Like a beacon…

A crusader for awesome estate / lettings agency … that vendors and landlords love you to bits … and bring you thank you cards and presents … and you almost become one of the family

However, now you are five /six/ten (whatever) years in … has that initial fire/passion/vision gotten a little lost?

Are you enjoying estate agency as much as you used to?

Is it more of a chore, more job like .. less crusader like?

Have you started to worry more about your market share instead of client’s mind share.

Judging yourself on your number of offices than the hearts and minds of your staff

This is what happens when you build a fence around your business.

You get protective about the status quo of your agency… maybe even start to believe you deserve the business you get

You have now become ordinary, standard, universally-generic, and you contest the battles that being universally-generic forces you to fight…. (The constant fee battles, over valuing to bag the listing and the trying to prove why you are worth twice the fee that those online agents)

There is a different way .. and you know that way ..

You had it once .. when you started your agency

It’s just you have find it again.

If you need map to find that love, passion, drive … let me give you one piece of advice.

Look at the people you surround yourself with … your friends and acquaintances. Some will be positive and some negative. Spend a less time with the negative people and a little more with the positive.

It sounds easy and obvious – it is  

I've tangibly watched people I mentor have a totally different life on that theory… try it?