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Should you be offering an Online Estate Agency Package alongside your High Street package?

There is one thing that stops potential vendors dead in their tracks

No matter how enthusiastic they are about signing up with your estate agency, I have noticed there is that one obstruction that if potential vendors ever come across, it is going to make the listing really difficult to nail.

I was on a coaching telephone call with one of my estate and letting agency clients, and he asked me a really good question. He has been an agent for over ten years in a decent sized market town in the South of England, listing 20 to 25 resi sales properties a month at fees around 1.1% to 1.2% .. 

What particularly smarted him in the Autumn was he lost a couple of listings to the Purple-ones …it really threw him sideways. He thought he had nailed both of them, yet as it normal with joint owners, both said, “You are the best agent we have seen, I will speak to my other half tonight to confirm” … only to see a Rightmove listing with “Briques Pourpres” (that’s French that is) a few days later

He wasn’t going to let PB get the better of him, so a few months ago, he decided to offer two fee packages at the at the free val …… his normal full fat 1.2% full service estate agency package (average fee of £3,800) and low fee PB killer self-service estate agency package at £750

Problem is, over the last three months, his listings have only been 10 to 15 listings and he has been losing to the other High St agents, something that was unheard of for the last few years

So  .. what is the issue?

I guarantee that if you are on a free valuation and you try to sell something low and something high in the same free val pitch, your listings will drop.

… and this is why

A person with a confused mind never buys.

So, here’s the rule…

Every time you have a free valuation, you need to sell only one package at a time.

You see, I believe you can’t offer this one and another one ….. and then have potential vendors choose ……because they are not going to know which one is best for them.

Does that make sense?

Confusion leads to no listings.

In every free valuation, pick the one package that you want to sell and build the whole presentation into selling that.

Focus on one thing, and you will convert your free vals

Kind regards