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10 ways to beat the corporate agents

Here is a straightforward and easy marketing strategy for the smaller letting and estate agents, trying to compete in a town, full of big corporate or well established (but lazy) independents

1.       Treat your client like they were the only  client in the world
2.       Care ... and mean it
3.       Be flexible ... rules are meant to bendy
4.       Without fail, show up on time, every time.
5.       Make sure you keep your promises.
6.       Be human by being kind.
7.       Go the extra mile, no hold on .. go the extra two miles
8.       Say yes.
9.       Listen
10.   Smile.

Not every client deserves this sort of treatment, not every client will appreciate this kind of service where there will really be thankful for the effort you go to. But that's ok, you don't need everyone to be a client .. just ones that care, the one’s that will tell their friends.