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Letting Agent Top Trumps - do you play that game?

Without a doubt, there's an agent in your town who lists more than you, if you are part of a group or chain, there will be an office that has a higher profit or some other target. There will be a negotiator in your office who gets paid more. There will be a fellow manager who gets praised a little too much for the contribution they do. There will a competitor agent with more followers on Twitter or more likes and more of just about anything you'd like to measure. 

Estate or lettings agency like a game of Top Trumps, isn’t it? (wiki link for those who need reminding about Top Trumps)

Possibly... yet can I ask you, what is it you like, no love about estate or lettings agency? 

Is it to be the most at something measurement? (be conversion rates, salary, fees banked, facebook likes etc) .. or is it something else?

You see, I have been watching the Word Cup Rugby. England went out last night and one of the players was the best at something (can’t remember what.. it’s been over 25 years since I played Rugby) .. but even then, the team lost. That got me thinking, you might be the best lister, but if the team are rubbish at keeping landlords happy (and they leave after 6 months) or your negs can’t negotiate a sale for toffee, all your wonder skills mean sod all.

Maybe you should focus on the entire team winning the game, instead of you having  a PB?
Yes, it’s important to be weighed and measured in your job, but just because a thing can be observed, or measured, or worried over doesn't mean it's essential or even relevant. 

 I think it’s better to decide what is essential, what needs to change and what is worth completing. Then take no notice of all comparisons that don't relate to those goals. 

You see, the only thing you should be comparing is what work YOU do now compared to what YOU are capable of. That’s not to say you shouldn’t check  every once in a while, but don’t make it the centre of your life. You might be top dog an some metric or measurement, but if you are running at 70% power, you might be at the top of hill .. but surely it’s better to be astride a mountain? 

Remember, you are only here once,  so compare the things that really matter to the journey you are on because everything else is just like the floating flotsam and jetsam you see at the seaside.

Think about it ...