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Just take a minute to think before you post something on social media

... Will what you post on Linkedin do the following ??? 
  • Help someone OR 
  • make someone laugh OR 
  • make someone think OR  
  • make someone change OR most importantly
  • be genuinely interesting to the reader (and not just you, your boss and your Mum ... eg look what we have done/won/sold/let)
....because if it doesnt do any of those things.. 

Why are exactly are you posting? 

Social media is just a form of communication, it is what you and I would say face to face, but just put down on a computer screen.

The only thing landlords are interested in....
.... is themselves.

Does what you post interest THEM, help THEM, humour THEM .. the list could go on, but its all about the reader (note the word THEM is the only thread connects them all)

That is why I bang on about writing stuff that interests LANDLORDS... not YOU. All they (landlords) care about is the themselves, and when it comes to property, all they care about, their two big huge hot buttons 
  1. What is happening in the local property market  to MY PROPERTY
  2. For portfolio landlords (which are the best), on top of the first, Where is the next buy to let property that I WANT TO BUY
They pay you to collect the rent and chase it (landlords dont lay awake anight worrying about late rent or voids .. that is why they pay you Mr(s) letting agent).Section 8 vs Section 21 - doesnt register on a landlords "Give a ***o'meter". Changes in Landlord and Tenant law is what they pay you for.

Shalom my blog reading friend until tomorrow where I will posting a massive post on the mistakes many agents make with blogging and social media ..but before I go .. Joey (aka Lettings Dog ) when to the vets yesterday to have his booster jab ... he was a little star (picture below)  (For new readers, Joey is a rescue dog what took on a  year ago. I get more people asking about him than what we can do for lettings agents and if you watch the video (make sure you have music ON as that is what makes it) it is his mission to help letting agents get more landlords)