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‘That’s the fifth property I have lost this month to the competition’.
You think, am I losing my mojo? Your Area Manager is on your back, because you aren’t hitting your targets. You can see it in the slightly squinting eyes of that Neg’s the look of distain (when another listing goes to opposition) as they back-stabbingly subtly (yet sarcastically) drop in to the conversation at the morning meeting in front of everyone, ‘Isn’t that the 2 bed apartment you went to last week’ as they go through the listings on Rightmove from the day before (when you know damn well she knows its the one).
Your diary starts to fill of the cr*p free vals as the decent stuff goes to your arch rival Valuer/Lister in the office.
You feel you team doesn’t have your back and you start to worry.

How do we deal with the Voice in our head who enjoys creating uncertainty?
How do we deal with the Neg carrying around a world full of pain that she needs to share by bitching how rubbish you are as a lister around the office ?
How do we deal with the Area Manager mentioning your office as it has a red box on the target sheet for listings (whilst everyone else’s is green .. lovely green.. as green as Ireland on a Spring morning)
How do we distinguish between positive, constructive, beneficial insight and the other kind (the s**t kind)?
How do we choose which feedback is actually a clue about how our stakeholders (potential vendors/landlords and our colleagues) feels, and which is a diversion, a shortcut on the road to second-rate triviality?
If you listen to none of the criticism, you will learn nothing.
If you listen to all of it, nothing will happen.
Call it life, but there’s not an easy answer.
What ever you call it .. be it criticism / feedback / advice / backstabbing / opinion / constructive feedback b*tching / analysis etc … it’s a one way street .. its all coming at you are not in control – so like I said, you either listen to none of it and put your head in the sand OR you listen to all of it and end up a nervous wreck
Or you could take control of the situation.
Instead of being in the back seat, take control because the one powerful thing YOU can do is ask the questions … and then secondly, get better at the art of listening (and rejecting). 
The place to start is with two classifications of feedback.
Category No. 1 is … “I enthusiastically seek this sort of feedback out and listen to it and act on it.”
Category No. 2 is … “I’m not interested in hearing that.”
There is no 3rd category.
kind regards
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Enjoy your day my friends