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Letting Agents are from Saturn whilst Estate Agents are from Mercury pt.1

Most Letting Agents are accurate, precise, detail-oriented, and meticulous. They think very logically and thoroughly and make decisions carefully with plenty of research and information to back it up whilst most Estate Agents tend to be undeviating and decisive, and sometimes can be described as dominant. 

Estate Agents are inclined to have high self-confidence and are risk takers and problem solvers, which allows others to look to them for decisions and focus. At the same time as most Letting Agents have very high standards for both themselves and others, because they focus on the details and see what many Estate Agents do not.

Letting Agents they tend to be good problem solvers and very imaginative people, whilst Estate Agents tend to think about big picture goals and tangible results. Estate Agents place great value on time frames and seeing results – albeit without patience

Most Letting Agents bring perspective to groups and tend to be the "real-world with their feet firmly on the ground". When something is proposed, it is the letting agent who will thinks through every detail of how it works and the process. They will make realistic estimates and will express the problems that they see with the plan or already existing system. The Letting Agent is conscientious and even tempered. The Letting Agent will finish tasks they have committed to and will be very thorough, whilst taking great pride in doing their work accurately whereas and the estate agent may challenge the status quo and think in a very innovative way.

I love the book "Woman from Venus and Men from Mars" as it talks about how men and women think differently. It came to em today I think Estate and Letting Agents are the same.

I have been quite general and not everyone fits into these two neat boxes .. but a lot of it rings true I think