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What are you trying to prove by posting Rightmove stats?

Why do so many people repeatedly get the balance between promoting one’s self and modesty so wrong?

If you want people to have a high opinion of you, it is my intuition the key is not to tell them how brilliant you are.  .. but then who is going to sell 'you' to the world? It’s kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario.

I believe the world of estate agency belongs to those who do the work and work hard, but even if you are a successful estate agent, the next question becomes how can you be an awesome estate agent and talk about your successes at the same time?

Loping out a Rightmove Intel Pie chart isn’t one  ..its bragging and does do you any long term good

Over the coming weeks I will sharing a few tips .. but here is one to keep you going

So Instead of chucking out a Rightmove Intel Pie graph, instead, write a little short-ette, almost like a baby 'sound-bite' about yourself, without coming off as 'in-your-face' or insincere .. something like

“I am so lucky and privileged to manage a team of six unbelievably awesome talented estate agents in [insert name of town], and I really couldn’t do it without such a great team effort.”

..and here is one that will tug at the heart strings

“We have helped move over 50 people this month into new homes, including a couple who wanted to move to the village they were brought up so their children could attend the same school as they met in all those years ago.”