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6 ways to get more landlords for your lettings agency

Use these six ways to overcome your prospective landlords indifference in swapping letting agents

1. Don’t just shout your letting agency’s name; tell your prospective landlords how you can help them.

2. Before your prospective landlords get distracted by another web site, another ad, or another task, grab their interest by making them curious about how much better off they’ll be with your letting agency. In language your potential landlord would use, write out their concerns and tempt them with the solution you provide.

3. Your prospective landlords want a solution. Use your marketing to demonstrate you can solve their problem. Giving away free tips and ideas to earn their loyalty and their business.

4. You want your prospective landlords to trust you, so make sure they see and read great comments from your satisfied clients. Place testimonials throughout your marketing so your prospects can’t miss them.

5. Give your prospective landlords a compelling reason to read or hear your marketing message, to contact you, and to buy from you today. If it’s possible to put off a decision, most people will. Include something in your marketing that will motivate your potential landlord to act right away, whether it’s an offer too good to refuse, or a time limit on an offer or both.

6. You wouldn’t expect a stranger to entrust you with managing their family fortune the first time they’ve read your name. Use your letting agency marketing to prompt them to email you, to call you, to get to know you and to trust you. Then help them to make a commitment even if it is for a first meeting or an entry-level product or service.

Your biggest marketing battle is to overcome your landlord’s indifference. Accomplish this, and you’ll attract all the landlords you want.

Do this, and you’ll be so far out in front you won’t need to worry about the competition.