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Working for the Corporates?

Are you an estate agent or letting agent who works for Countrywide, Your Move, Romans, Connells, William H. Brown, Sequence or any of the other big Corporate agents?

Are worried about what your Branch Manager thinks of you?

Trust me ... I wouldn't be.. 

Your Branch Manager is more worried about what their boss, the Area Manager, thinks of them. 

.... and those Area Managers arent worried about what their Branch Managers think of them, no they are worried about their boss, what the Regional Director thinks of them ... and trust me ...

I talk to many Regional Directors .. and all they worry about is what their MD thinks of them ...

... and the MD ... well he or she just cares about the numbers.. the stats .. the profit and loss. 

So my intuition tells me this ... JUST CARE about yourself, your family, your colleagues and your clients ... and the rest will take of itself .. I have been there .. learn from others. You are an awesome estate agent or letting agent .. you go the extra mile. Many people working in the corporates get to strung up on politics. Forget that, get your work done, be passionate about your family, your friends, your clients and your colleagues because you will enjoy your job more, you will be more likely to hit your targets  ... by doing stuff you like to do - rather than worry what someone else thinks of you.

For more thoughts like this ... visit my YouTube Channel (link below) .. thank you for reading this .. I hope I have made you think

Christopher Watkin - the man who helps agents get more landlords and vendors to use their estate and letting agents