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UK Estate Agency and the Purp-opa Hybrid Threat

If we look back to the slower 20th century, we draw comfort from the knowledge that things have never changed so fast before. From mobile phones, social media and apps that can order and track a taxi to finding you a love and soul mate for life (swipe right kids!) to changing consumer behaviour and how news and media has fragmented .... no wonder it feels difficult to keep up, life has never been so hectic.

Look to the future and it all looks quite scary and uncertain. We need to prepare for a future knowing that things will never be this slow again.

How do we do that, when Uber cut the value of taxi licences by 90%, Lovefilm and Netflix contributing to the failure of Blockbuster, local newspapers on their ar$e, Insurance brokers and travel agents all online, The High Streets demise from the hands of Amazon. In the next 10/20 years, we are now seeing some of the old establishment fail (Woolies/Comet) and some outstanding growth of companies (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Uber and alike) the Country has ever seen.

...and now the UK Estate Agency industry has the threat of the online/hybrid agents such as Purp-opa.

What can we do as UK Estate Agents to ensure we dont go the same way as Comet and Blockbuster

Watch this 2 min video and find out