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The importance of creating a legacy in estate and letting agency

The job of estate and letting agency marketing, in fact all marketing for any type of business is all about getting out brand, our company and ourselves noticed.

Brand awareness – if enough people know about us and what we do, then surely, they will buy from us? And that was true in the 1980’s and 1990’s, but something tells me, it doesn’t seem to work as well today.

This isn’t an overnight thing either. Since the Millennium, I have noticed, and maybe you have, it has slowly been becoming that way?

The reason of marketing deep down isn’t to get noticed, but to get people to use our agency services either today, tomorrow, next week, month or next year .. we want people (landlords/house-sellers) to remember us (and our agency), isn’t it? Marketing costs a lot of money and hence a lot of us like to know if it works or not.

I really do feel for you guys in agency at the moment, its tough as you are being battered from all sides (too much competition, cheap fees, online agents, taxation rules changing for landlords, less stock coming on the market .. etc etc  - the list goes on!). Belts need to tightened, so every penny spent on marketing needs to earn its keep.

All these problems and issues you are being battered with as agents– they aren’t your fault. You are an awesome agent – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

So how do you get out of this? The bottom line is this … my intuition tells me it is better to remembered than noticed, so if that is the case, your marketing needs to be having or showing the qualities that deserve of it being remembered.

You might think I am talking a load of ****** by saying this, but before you dismiss me out of hand, think about this for a second, whilst taking off your agent hat for second and putting on your human hat on.

Isn’t ironic, that we as humans, all we desire, in our hearts of hearts, is to make a difference and leave a better world because of us being here. One might call it a legacy, which is another word for ‘remembered’.

We only achieve that purpose and ambition by equalising and restoring this imbalance of ‘short term attention’ vs ‘long term remembering’ by abandoning the wants and short term needs for attention today, to  become more tenacious, patient and resolute on doing something that will still matter in the days, weeks, months and years to come

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