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Why Doesn’t Estate Agency Marketing Techniques Work as Well As They Used To?

Is it perhaps because the marketing is designed to persuade a house seller to use their agency today …yet bears no thought to relate, motivate or delight anyone who doesn’t want to sell now?
Could it be that the marketing only cares about the potential house seller that needs to buy the services of an estate agent today or next week .. and ignores the wants hopes and dreams of house sellers that wont be moving until next year, or the year after that, or ten years after that?
Maybe it is because the marketing focuses on short-term target of hitting the agent’s monthly listing targets, rather than on long-term goal of being the best (and biggest) agent in years to come?
Is it because the marketing talks (even shouts) at everyone and so communicates with no one.
Could it be because it is only measured in number of downloads, viewings, listings, Rightmove Click Thru rates and Facebook likes.
Might it be because the marketing aims to interrupt people by telling them how awesomely brilliant their agency is, compared to anyone else’s?
.. because let me ask you this … would anyone miss your marketing if you stopped it tomorrow?
If your marketing isn’t memorable … then you might find it even more hard work to succeed as an agent in the coming years
Come on – its really tough out there .. I really do feel for you guys in agency. The old marketing techniques don’t work as well as they used to and they will continue to work even less as each year goes by.

Let me show you another way .. I wonder why this agent has thousands of individual views on their blog and videos each day .. without spending one penny on advertising .. because they are simply the most relevant and interesting agents in Chelmsford