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95% of UK Estate Agency Marketing tries to ....

95% of UK Estate Agency Marketing tries to generate brand awareness of the estate agency to every man and his dog  in your town

95% of UK Estate Agency Marketing tries to get the attention of every single vendor about to put their property on the market.

95% of UK Estate Agency Marketing makes all those soon to market vendors pick that agent for a free val today .. over every other agent in the town

And there are the crazy 5% of estate agents who do things differently ..

Whose marketing isn’t marketing  ..well not marketing as those 95% of Estate Agents would see it.

The crazy 5% of agents, the irrational ones

The irrational 5% of agents, instead of trying to sell / persuade / convince / induce / convert people to their agency for free vals, to listings, mortgage appointments and sell overpriced conveyancing packages  …... these 5% of agents build trust and loyalty over the long game .. and having intergrity

These loony 5%’ers even suggesting they might not be the best agent for their property,

These crazy as nuts 5% of agents suggest people buy other properties with other agents if what they have doesn’t fit the buyers requirements

These 5% of agents create empathy not with the masses, but with the few, but the few that care.

These 5% of agents help people to feel good about their choice of agent, choice of conveyancer, choice of mortgage arranger (even if their Mortgage Arranger might not be the best for them).

So, are you with the 95% crowd or the 5% crazy fools?

Before you answer, let me leave you with this thought …When you are the only rational person in the room, to everyone else, you look like the only irrational person.

If you want to open your eyes to a new way of marketing in estate and lettings, and think the 95% might not be the best road to follow … why not follow me on Linkedin or Facebook for a while – read and watch what I suggest …then decide YOURSELF  if what I advocate is rational or irrational