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Database of Landlords

We all have lists of landlords .. self managed like those on gumtree or ones with other agents ..doesnt matter

Some on your list will be in the ‘dissatisfied landlords’ category. You have no idea which of these landlords are dissatisfied, and even then, of those who are dissatisfied , you have no idea who within these landlords is motivated to change. There is no list that you can buy that will tell you who is dissatisfied, why they are dissatisfied, and how motivated they are to improve things

Some of the landlords will be has happy as pig in S**t category, with their self management or their agent, but again, how can you tell which landlords are as happy as pigs in the brown smelly stuff

Then there are the landlords that are neither happy or unhappy category. The dissatisfaction these landlords should have lies dormant. They don’t love their letting agent, nor are they unhappy enough about them to swap. They are just treading water, indifferent and vaguely tolerant to their letting agent .. just like you with your bank

You are never going to know which landlord belongs in which category unless you pick up the phone and call them. Oh, and sending them a Ctrl-C and Ctrl -V email isn’t going to help you answer that question, nor all the social media tweets, posts or comments either.

Can I humbly suggest that you either contine to use the list as a coffee mat .. or break it down into bite sized pieces and ring 10 a day, without fail, because you can make the calls you need to make in a few weeks, or you can take forever and never succeed at building the pipeline you need—or the opportunities you should be working on.