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Letting agents ... 'Would you do me a favour?'

Just about a four months ago, I published I started this blog.

I started it to keep me sane whilst I started to think what I could do with my life after leaving my job. It turned out, the blog became the route to my new job and now letting agents ask me to help them get more business, by either me doing all the stuff I say in this blog or me teaching them how to do it, so they can do it themselves.

Many of you return each day to the blog and I want to thank you for taking the interest and for your kind messages of support. This blog has turned out to be one of my most successful things I have ever done.  

Now, here's the favour:

Four months later, would you mind sharing this blog with your boss (it will make you look good) or a work colleague or someone you know in lettings, perhaps? Cut and paste the web address in the web address bar and mail the link to them? 

If I could double the number of people who read the blog, it would be pretty cool.

Thanks you.