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Look what we can offer landlords!

Below is what most letting agents have on their website, touting letters, flappy boards outside their offices or online/newspaper adverts ...

  • Local press advertising
  • Full property management service
  • Competitive Fees
  • Dedicated team of specialist staff dealing only with Residential Lettings
  • Member firm of Association of Residential Letting Agents with ARLA qualified staff
  • Full colour property details with internal photos and floor plans
  • Extensive internet coverage
  • Landlord and Tenant insurance and Landlord rent guarantees available
  • No Deposit Facility available
  • 24-hour emergency service for fully managed properties
  • Fully qualified contractors to deal with any property defects
  • In house EPC's
  • Introduction only service

On the path from awareness to a getting the landlord to giving their property to rent out, the letting agent has to create a vacuum.

The goal of that touting letter or advert or leaflet, with the list of bullet points shown above (be honest all your websites and leaflets have this) shouldn't be to answer every question and completely describe what's on offer. No, effective marketing amplifies awareness of a problem or an opportunity, a problem your service solves or an opportunity it creates.

I know it's tempting to sell with bullet points and an overwhelming amount of data. It gets you off the hook and requires little in the way of creativity or guts. Storytelling requires both.

What’s the best, problem or opportunity?? .. opportunity of course.

How do you create opportunity .. well, if you have been reading this blog .. I have told you a million times.. become the local property guru of your town, give advice on what landlords should buy and they come flocking to you. Proved time and time again.. what are you waiting for!

Got my second training course tomorrow .. really looking forward to it. It's a full day's training, teaching some letting agents how to write the advertorials, where the information comes from, how to cover yourself if challenged, how to set up a blog, how to write a newsletter, how to get the email addresses of landlords in your town .. a full day!