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One day course on 'How to find and attract landlords to your lettings agency'

If you want more landlords, you can do one of four things ..

  1. Read the is blog, then ignore it completely (Cost .. nil - new landlords ..  nil)
  2. Read this blog and do a few things from it (Cost .. nil - new landlords .. might get a couple of landlords)
  3. Read this blog and do everything I suggest in the blog (Cost nil - loads of new landlords using your agency.. you should get loads ... but only if you have the time and skills to implement what is required)
  4. Read this blog and ask me to do it (Cost high - new landlords .. loads of landlords using your agency)
or, now we have a 5th option

5th .. I run courses in this stuff .. how to get the email addresses of the landlords in your town, how to write the advertorials, how to write newsletters, how to write blogs .. all stuff that is proved to work and all can be backed up with testimonials. 

It means you don't have to pay me to write and do the stuff for you (keeping the costs down for you) and I can train you how write it all plus give you all the inside methods to implement it and then mentor you in the background (if you want) going forward into the future

So, we had the first course late last week, and a couple of the attendees were more than happy to go on camera and tell us what they thought about it.

Ladies first, so Rebecca Smith talks about what she learnt on the course and if it was value for money?(Micheal at the bottom of the piece)

The cost of the course is a one off £500+VAT per person. 

They are run in a classroom environment of no more than 4 people. 

The courses are held in Grantham, near Nottingham and Leicester in the East Midlands (63 minutes from London Kings Cross by train). 

However, if you want me to come to you, we will consider that. That could be a few of your colleagues or if you have some local letting agent friends who want to do the course together, we will consider holding in different parts of the UK, with just the travelling and disbursements etc split between you. Speak to Christopher on 07950 147 572.

Then, if after the course, you require ongoing monthly mentoring (depending on what sort of level of mentoring support you want), most people opt for the £100 + VAT per month service (there is no obligation to take the mentoring, nor is there any minimum contract period .. you can walk away at anytime)

.. and here is Michael from Cambridge ..