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Try this quick short cut to get more landlords.

How many people have been on fad diets, get rich quick schemes .. too good to be true systems? Well, they often are. Effort takes hard work. Now I am as guilty as the next man. You, the next man (or lady) and myself, are all willing to spend a little time and a little money looking for a shortcut now and then. A faster, more effective way to lose weight, make friends, earn money and get white teeth. Sometimes, one of those shortcuts pays off and it reinforces our belief that there might just be a better way.
It seems, though, that those that spend the most effort in search of shortcuts are often the most disappointed and the least successful.
My system isn’t a short cut to get landlords .. far from it.. it takes a while to get them coming through your door

It takes a little money, but mostly time and effort. It has been proved to work many times (look at my testimonials on my profile on Linkedin .. scroll way down to the recommendations .... if you can be bothered). But if you invest your time, a little money and effort, you will get landlords coming to talk to you. ... but if you cant be bothered .. keep going and look for the shortcut .. it doesn’t exist in lettings .. (and in most parts of life as well)