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Landlords and Cannabis - grooooovie baby!

Landlords, in fact I would say anyone in the UK, doesnt like being sold to ..... especially with heavy handed marketing messages, so if you want to sell something (in our case your letting agency services) you have to do something quite different. 
You see I think, if you want to succeed in lettings, its more about crafting interesting and landlord relevant stories, than you trying to sell something. It's starts with you, your brand and marketing of that brand. 

You, Mr(s) Letting Agent might think the marketing materials and the logo are your brand. No sir ..Not anymore, it's the company's story and how it's expressed.
The blogs and advertorials I write (or teach agents themselves to write on my courses) are about issues related to a landlord’s life, not what you do and most definitely not what your competitors do or dont do. 
How many landlords know the difference between a section 8 and section 21 ...only the ones that do it themselves, so they are never going to use you. 
Landlords don't care about section 8 notices. More importantly, the landlords that want a fully managed service wont know,. Why? .. because that is what they pay you for.  If you try to sell your services as a letting agent, landlords tune out... also, whilst I stand on my soapbox, please dont talk about bad tenants and how they know the law, please dont talk about the corporates and how they all do it from a call centre in Mumbai, please dont talk about cannabis factory's in the loft or how other agents do or dont do it .... please. 

You don't hear Sainsbury's saying Tesco's have a dodgy supply chain or dont store their Milk at the correct temperature ..stop it please .. its all cr*p .. no one reads it. Negative selling doesnt work .. so why the hell do you do it, letting agents?
However, when you talk about what other landlords are doing in the property market, and what is actually happening in the local housing market and how important it is to have a great letting agent as part of that story, it connects with landlords.

Something like this ...

Oadby property market out performs Blaby’s by 178%

Should you be investing in Blaby or Oadby when it comes to property? Both are suburban up market towns of Leicester. They are both similar in size and, taking into account the surrounding villages, have similar average property values.

The average property value in Blaby is £245,400 and in Oadby is £256,100, whilst the average rents are also similar at £697 per month in Blaby and £693 per month in Oadby. This gives both towns an almost identical average yield of around 3.3%. I have done a little research to compare the two seemingly similar towns in more depth.

Investing in property is all about what you buy the property for. You make your money with your buying value, rather than your eventual sale value. Over the last five years, property values in Blaby have increased by 4.2%. When I looked at the property values in Oadby over this same 5 year period, I found they have increased by 11.7%, a 178% better return than Blaby’s

If you would like our opinion on what to buy, feel free to come into our office on xxxxxxx

Don't sell the sausage, tell them how good the sizzle was when others tasted it.

Now get back to work and get me some landlords!