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Why havent online agents taken off in the UK?

Gravity is a problem. If you're designing a new aeroplane, it would be a lot easier without
gravity, but gravity isn’t going away. Gravity is a problem which is solvable, a problem that must be lived with.

For years, Apple viewed the selling of their wonderful computers a problem. They had to live with eccentric independent computer stores, or pile them high merchants ... the Matalan’s or PC World’s of this world that didn't display or sell their products well. Using the tinterweb-net and then their own stores (and I went in one yesterday in Solihull .. my word arent they palaces of computer touchscreen loviness!), they eventually realised that this was actually a problem that could be solved, and it changed everything for them.

So why do so many estate agents and letting agents, who decided to open up online, believe they can solve the problems relating to getting new landlords and vendors by thinking the only thing they can offer is a cheap fee. Fee isn't the problem here .. the problem lies elsewhere.

The  problem is .. there aren’t any problems in lettings and estate agency apart from letting agents themselves... unlike gravity, which isn’t going away, the only problem you have is what is going on in your head .. online agents - you aren’t tied to an office, you are tied to paying rent and rates .. but what is the only thing online agents bleat on about .. their USP, their magic bullet .... we have no shop, so will charge you less ..  yep, because they have lower overheads, they can charge less .... charging less is race you can never win.

In fact, I think you online only agents should be charging more.

Be different, go that extra mile, go and visit the current houses every tenant who wants to rent a house off you (or to be really correct, rent one of your landlords properties; and estate agents, why not do every viewing .. and I mean every viewing .. its not as if you have to get back to cover the office .. is it?

The point is this, how are you going to prove all those extra things you do to potential clients.... because if you can, you will be different from the competition and people will pay. 

The thing is, most agents cant prove they are different, be they office based or online. That my friends is the real problem here.   .. how are you going to prove you are different?

You could start with this,  we must overthrow the mindset of being another agent in the estate agent or letting agent machine  and instead, stand up and just be you, be human .. like I said on Linkedin a few weeks ago, landlords want someone who cares.

Do  something a person does with generosity to touch someone else to make a change for the better. We can see it in every facet of life ..  in the way the nurse in a dentist's office treats us when she knows how much pain we’re in. She’s not just doing her job; she’s being a person. She is enlarging the bubble around herself to include us.

Your best work is always about standing out, never about standing in.You never meet somebody who says, ‘I succeeded by fitting in more than everyone else.’

So how do you do that?  Well, care for the customers you already have, and make new potential clients want to come and talk to you, so you can care for them as well. I cant teach you how to care, but can teach you how to make landlords walk through your door

Dont forget I have helped cold start over 26 lettings agency's over the last 2 and bit years .. some got it, others didn't. The ones that did get it, well numbers speak for themselves ..
  • 105 properties let within 8 or 9 months from a  cold start in the North West
  • 35 properties let with a further 10 on the books within 4 months in the South (cold start)
  • Existing lettings business grew from £12k pm turnover to £20k per month turnover (within 9 months)