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Rightmove and Zoopla .. which is the best for landlord (and even vendor) leads?

How many actual landlord or potential vendors leads do you get in the first place anyway? Yes lots of tenants and potential buyers,
but business giving leads from landlords or vendors? Even so, you might get a few, and you might even judge the best portal by those leads.

However, here is a thought, I as drink my coffee with the dog at the my feet, wondering where the sun has gone (anyone seen it ??) …..
Just have a think about those people who fill in the 'I want a market appraisal forms on Zoops and RM' .. how many have you actually listed and subsequently sold/let a property for them?

Humour me on this one, but check your last 20 listings .. I bet most of them (be it sales or lettings) come from people mostly picking up the phone (and in some cases, walking through your door) and NOT those who originally contacted you by an email or web contact forms.

Now look at your Righmove Plus and look back at your landlord and seller leads that they had sent to you. Got much from them? My experience is they are vendors and landlords that believe big promises, low fee deals and bright snazzy websites …. are often the very people, who wont give you any business… and if they do become customers (landlords or vendors) … you don’t get much from them, and flit from agent to agent

The girl or boy who's the easiest to get a first date with might not be the person you want to marry. If it's easy to get a market appraisal from a 2 minute phone call, consider that the very ease that enabled that appraisal might be a sign that the long term value of this customer is pretty low. It's easy to get the door answered if you're selling vacuum cleaners house to house, not so easy to get a meeting with a portfolio landlord of 20 properties. Yes, it's easy to get the landlords to sign up for your new state of the art twitter feed with your daily 4 tweets of every property you list, but its hard
to visualise how these easily bored window shoppers are going to become your lettings book.

So, if all you're doing is measuring the response rate of your initial web enquiries - you are doing it wrong. You need to build trust by your website.

How do you build trust? Well step one is they (the landlord in the case of lettings) needs to meet you, because they want to talk to you, so you can build a relationship, from which trust will follow.
pitches, you're going to ring more doorbells, not do the long term trust building work of earning a reputation. Because without trust and reputation, you wont get any long term business.

How do you get the landlord to want and come and talk to you??. well that's what I have been prattling on about in this blog all these weeks, it what I help agents do ... make landlords walk through your door.