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Landlords Wanted adverts should burn in hell

Every lettings agency's marketing campaign that I've ever seen not work (increase market share) has failed for precisely the same reason: it pleases the wrong person.

Think about it... it wouldn't have launched to the punters if it hadn't pleased your MD, right?

Pleasing the wrong person meant failure. The same thing is true on a deeper level in your career choice even what you write, what you say, going even deeper, what you sell or how you sell it: if you are working hard to please the wrong people, you will fail. 

Does that person or that customer or that boss or that girl or that landlord really matter as much as you think they do?

Challenge what your marketing department does?  If you do your marketing, then challenge yourself. The tenants are covered. Tenants will come to you because the property is on RM or Zoops. As long as the pics are good, the pricing is right, that property will rent.

All your advertising has to be focused on attracting landlords to your agency .... it needs to please the potential landlord ....look at some of these .. every landlord knows they are wanted

and this ..

and then they are giving it away ..

and for the Western fans ..

those who like Depeche Mode will like this (if you were born after 1978 you wouldn't understand)

sorry guys ... these dont work for landlords. 
You might as well be just saying this ....

I teach my letting agent clients that they need to grab a landlords attention, build up the interest and then they will come and talk to you ... and this stuff works .. look at some of my testimonials that some of agents gave me

Shalom my friends and keep the faith